Ever wondered why some training programmes work for some athletes and not for others? Why some people are genetically gifted athletes? Why there is a fixed set of intervals for all athletes? Why certain drugs work for some and not others? Do compression socks work? What the hell does a VO2 max test tell you, is it just useless information? Is lactate friend or foe? I delve into the sport science world and try to find the answers to train smarter and hopefully become a better athlete. This page is written in my own thoughts and words with a cross-pollination from several other sites and links to the original articles. Some of it might sound like a rant but it is written to make you think. So if you read it without a open mind then your in the wrong place. Enjoy and open your mind.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why do we do x amount of reps and intervals?

Ever wondered why we do 10 x 4 min? Probably because there are 10 fingers so its easy to count, 4min the clock goes round 4 times. 400m, 800m the coach doesn't have to move and can always be in the same place! Swim 50m once again the coach doesn't have to move (lazy coach?). 8x3min, its the coaches favourite interval!!! and God help you if you cant finish the intervals and your time and heart rate starts dropping!!

We are hoping we are training the cardiac or VO2 etc. We are thinking that a workout has a certain effect but really we do not have a clue and just blindly hope because it has worked on other athletes. Its the world of objective training values. How about training on physiological parameter? That will be the discussion in the next topic. Here for further reading understanding intervals and quantifying intervals.

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  1. Interesting subject, I think historically most coaches have used what there coaches used or what worked for them. but it is important to look at the history of each athlete and what type of athlete are they ie. big and strong or lean and fit? and what are we trying to achieve by doing intervals, to ski fast for 20-30 mins (relay/sprint) or ski fast all season? the problem is that without the luxury of small groups (1 coach to 3 or 4 athletes) there tends to be one programme wrote for all with the hope it will work for all! great links! looking forward to reading more like this